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Libero Newspaper

Libero Newspaper
Libero Newspaper Television Presentation System


Libero Newspaper is a studio presentation system which can be used in television news-casting. Libero Newspaper helps you to serve published newspapers to viewers. Presenters can easily navigate between pages by clicking buttons as well as using touch screen gestures. Libero Newspaper highlights the news which you want to present and hide/clear the advertisements which you do not want to show on the screen. Libero Newspaper gives you full control of the presentation via its remote control interface. Libero Newspaper allows you to display social media posts.


  • Stable for 24/7 operations
  • Multi touch screen support
  • Social media icon support
  • Highlighting news
  • Editing interface to clear/hide adds
  • Remote control interface
  • Buttons instead of touch-screen
  • News flow designer


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