Libero Systems will attend the IBC2019 to present new releases and new features on Hall 3 / Booth B39 between 13th to 17th September.

At IBC2019, Libero Systems is proud to introduce you new releases of Libero Play Enterprise, Libero Replay, Libero CG v3 and new features of current products.

New Release;

Libero Play Enterprise; is able to control redundant video ports on redundant client interfaces and switch them by triggering video router.
Libero Replay; allows you to record multiple SDI sources and preview them on a user-friendly interface simultaneously with advance tagging feature.
Libero CG v3; easy-to-use designer interface with customizable graphics, no limitation on the number of layers.

All the others;

  • Libero Play; software-based playout automation system provides powerful, flexible and user-friendly broadcasting solutions via client-server architecture.
  • Libero Ingest; flexible multi-channel ingest, transcoding and encoding software with powerful and user-friendly features.
  • Libero Multiviewer; designed to take multiple video/audio signals and combine them to monitor in real-time.
  • Libero Hybrid; software to convert multiple IP sources to SDI/NDI video signals to integrate them on an existing system.
  • Libero Coach; presentation and analysis software for football events.
  • Libero Newspaper; studio presentation system for television news-casting.
  • Libero Draw; allows you to sketch on video from SDI/NDI feeds.
  • Libero CG v2; affordable HD/SD character generator used in many broadcast systems such as news, branding, sports events, weather forecast, education, enterprises and more.
  • Libero MAM; store, find, share your digital assets on a scalable and flexible platform.
  • Libero Election; dynamic voting information monitoring system that has ready to use for a user-friendly interface, prepared according to your request with the graphics.

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Do not miss the hands-on demonstrations at IBC2019!