Libero Play is a software based playout automation system which provides powerful, flexible and user friendly broadcasting solutions via client-server architecture. Libero Play manages from scheduling to playout and switches automatically from rundown items to live sources. Libero Play has extensive support for wide range of file formats compatibility.


Libero Ingest is a flexible multi-channel ingest, transcoding and encoding software with powerful and user-friendly features. Libero Ingest provides monitoring and controlling all the ingest operations on a single screen. Libero Ingest has a wide range of file formats and input cards compatibility.


Libero Multiviewer is designed to take multiple video/audio signals and combine them to monitor in real-time. The system provides attractive and flexible layouts for one or several large screens. It allows to preview the selected video source on the configuration window.


Libero MAM allows you to store, find and share your assets on a scalable and flexible platform. The operators can easily upload new assets and define the right information by creating metadata features. The powerful search engine lists the assets according to your search term and filter.


Libero Hybrid is a software which can be used to convert multiple IP sources to SDI/NDI video signals to integrate them on an existing system. Libero Hybrid gives you a brief information about input stream visualization such as video formats, frame rates and bitrates.


Libero Replay allows you to record multiple sources and preview them on a user-friendly interface simultaneously. Libero Replay offers the capability of tagging for the growing records via predefined quick tag buttons and typing any description easily.


Libero Coach is a presentation and analysis software for football events. The system allows to analyze the statistics, heat maps, fixture and standings of the teams. Libero Coach provides much easier to present details of the games.


Libero Newspaper is a studio presentation system which can be used in television newscasting. Libero Newspaper helps you to serve published newspapers to viewers. Presenters can easily navigate between pages by clicking buttons as well as using touch screen gestures.


Libero Draw allows you to sketch on video coming from live feed. Libero Draw gives you a chance to draw easily on your touch screens with your own tools. Libero Draw offers the capability of reflecting your drawing directly to the output beside the touch screen.