Libero MAM


Libero MAM lets you store, find, share your digital assets on a scalable and flexible platform. Simple interface provides easy to add new media, advanced tagging options defines right information. Powerful search engine seeks fast contents

Software is designed for all broadcasters, production studios even photographers. System can store many kind of formats in database and can integrate with other broadcast systems.

Libero MaM solution has a Client-Server architecture and that brings advantages for stability and usability.
•The server (Which powered by Windows SQL Server) store all information’s in safe
•Image proxies produced while recording new media and user can browse material by mouse


•Supports video, images, audio and many more file formats.
•Powerful search engine.
•Flexible metadata creation and search.
•Fulltext search capabilities.
•Automatic timecode insertion on content creation.
•Auto locating on timecode of video.
•Fast preview on thumbnails of ingested video.
•Fast preview on proxies.
•Storage load balancing by regulating multiple storage and data traffic.
•Security restrictions and user access rights.
•NAS, DAS , SAN storage units support.
•Virtual storages support.
•Image and office documents support.
•Pdf support.
•Rough-cut with proxy and HiRes videos.
•Watch folder or manual ingest support.
•Drag-and-Drop uploads support.
•Automatic creation of lowres proxy copies of media.
•Automatic conversion for hundreds of media formats.
•Automatic creation of thumbnails of media.
•Customizable proxy formats.
•Customizable CPU usage on a particular convert server.


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