Scheduling for Live Ingest

Libero Scheduler is an HTML5 based Ingest scheduler interface that manages all the registration processes for a certain period of time with completely 1+1 redundancy

Manage Live Sources and Ingest
Events with Libero Scheduler

Compatible with Other Media Server Systems

Automatic addressing of video router resources

Libero Scheduler, which provides video server integration at different levels in cooperation with other media server systems, meets different requirements depending on the level of integration, video servers such as Harmonic, Bluefish444 IngeSTore, Libero Ingest SDI recorder.
Automatic addressing of video router resources to receive server destinations provides unlimited available access with router control gateway

Easy-to-Use Interface

Providing a timeline view of all recording processes

You also have the possibility to expand or narrow the time intervals accordingly. You can also manage multiple physical or virtual ingest servers. Accessible from onsite or remote locations with an intuitive web-based user interface