32. Gün Recording and Archive System Digitalized with Libero MAM

The recording and archive system of the 32nd Day program, which started broadcasting on TRT in 1985 and is now in digital form, has been digitalized with Libero MAM.

Investing in the Future with the Digital Archive System
The media archive of the 32. Gün program, which has a life span of almost half a century, was in physical tapes. Due to the physical structure of these cassettes and the possibility of being easily affected by the environment they were in, their useful life was limited. With the Libero MAM archive system, this problem was eliminated and this rich archive was carried to the future.

Recording with Ingest Archive with MAM
In order to complete the digital archiving process with Libero MAM, assistance was received primarily from Ingest, the recorder of Libero Systems. Played and digitally recorded with Libero Ingest. At this stage, Ingest’s VTR Control feature was used. With VTR Control, remote recording can be made via the Libero Igest interface without the user having to physically control the VTR.

Timecode setting can also be made in VTR Control. For example, if there is clip content with more than one separate subject in a tape, a separate recording can be created for each of them by setting the start and end times of these clips with the timecode.

Digital Archive with Libero MAM
After the recording processes were completed with Ingest, they were archived with MAM according to the media content category. Archived images with keyframes and proxy images are made available for later search and viewing.

Thanks to the transcript and metadata fields of Libero MAM, keywords and content information were added to the desired clips, allowing the relevant clips to be easily found in subsequent searches. In this way, it has been ensured that all media contents from the past to the present are stored in a safe and stable manner to be transferred to future generations.

RAID5 and Hotspare Assurance
The storage created with RAID5+Hotspare as the storage area of the Libero archive system provided both speed and security.

About Libero Systems
Libero Systems was established in 2016 to provide more reliable and innovative solutions to its business partners in the broadcast technology industry. It offers codec-independent, easy-to-use and flexible broadcast automation solutions. Designed in harmony with 3rd party integrations, Libero Systems provides a high level of customer satisfaction with the service quality offered by a professional team.

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