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Libero Replay allows you to record multiple sources and preview them on a user-friendly interface simultaneously. Libero Replay helps you to categorize your records via customizable metadata fields. Libero Replay offers the capability of tagging for the growing records via predefined quick tag buttons and typing any description easily. Operators can zoom in and out on the video preview windows to record only a selected fraction of the video source, trim and export the growing records. Libero Replay has output feature to push the selected source as SDI/NDI or Web RTC and monitor the video sources via any external platform.


  • Stability designed for 24/7
  • Frame-accurate record among all video sources
  • SD/HD/UHD/4K support(*)
  • Multiple input source support (SDI/NDI/WebRTC)
  • Trim and export between marked IN/OUT points even for growing files
  • Support for growing-file editing (Adobe Premiere, GV Edius, Apple Final Cut)
  • Auto-locating metadata timecode in timeline
  • Input/output video preset confguration
  • CPU, RAM and storage capacity monitoring
  • SDI/NDI/WebRTC output support
  • Wide range of file formats compatibility
  • Multi-language support
  • Advanced tagging feature while recording

(*) Depending on the type of video cards


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